Dat Pham
Landscape Designer 

Dat Pham was born in Dalat, Vietnam.    His interest in art, music, history, literature, and people inform all aspects of his  professional approach.    Projects he's created have been featured in Garden Design Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, California Home and Garden, and Sunset Magazine.     

My approach to each garden and each client is unique to the situation.    There are basic problems that most gardens I feel should address, but  my  interaction with my clients and the site mostly determine my inspiration and the genesis of each project.   I eschew having a determined visual profile, and attempt to leave my thoughts as open as possible.   This results in a wide aesthetic portfolio.  Although I do see each garden as an artistic endeavor, I define my mission as solving   both aesthetic and  conceptual challenges.   Every garden may be different, but I strongly feel that my work must relate in real human terms and experiences.    Everyday, I feel there is something to learn.